MyGenome Institute is a biotechnology company under ALPS Global Holding Berhad (ALPS) specialising in Precision Medicine to provide in-house molecular genomic tests, utilising cutting edge techniques of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Digital Gene Platform, Microarray, Real-Time & Standard PCR. Our services include a range of genetic profiles on liquid biopsy to assess the risk of diseases at molecular level for cancers, cardiac and metabolic genetic, neurogenetic, pharmacogenetic, inherited diseases, wellness and fitness related diseases etc.

MyGenome Institute is supported by a team of local and international renowned scientists, researchers and bioinformatics with more than 30 years of experience in molecular, DNA, genomic scientific research. We aim to be an one-stop molecular genomic solution institute in the region, providing affordable Preventive Genomic Screening for early detection to achieve the BEST of your health.




New Chapter for a Revitalised Humanity

MyGenome has a vision to create a new chapter by revitalising life so that humanity can enjoy a refreshed and rejuvenated new life of good health and wellness.



Enhancing and Extending Human Life through Excellent Wellness Services

To achieve its vision of a revitalised humanity, MyGenome, being a fully-integrated biotechnology research, medical and wellness services company will strive to do so by a two-pronged approach of enhancing the quality, and extending the average life span by providing the best possible state of the art wellness services.

The vision is the foresight of Dr Tham SK born out of a personal passion and commitment to serve and help mankind to achieve a better and longer life expectancy overall. It is his deep conviction to extend this commitment to the population in general so that not only the wealthy can have access to a better quality and longer life. Various strategies and programs will be implemented to materialise this noble vision and mission.


Dr. THAM Seng Kong

Research Professor

PhD., MD (PRC)

Prof. DING Kexiang

Research Professor

Dr. Zuo Xia-Lin

Research Scientist

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